Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio

Breast Reduction Stock ImageBreast reduction was one of the most popular reconstructive surgeries in 2006 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Large, pendulous breasts are a significant problem for many women causing psychological distress from unwanted attention and limiting exercise capabilities due to chronic back pain. In addition, women may also experience embarrassing yeast infections under their breasts which are difficult to control with medication alone.

How Breast Reduction is Performed

Different surgical approaches exist and the technique used by your surgeon will be determined by the size and shape of your breasts. Talk to your Columbus plastic surgeon about your aesthetic goals and to learn which method would likely give you the best cosmetic results safely.

Columbus Breast Reduction Recovery

Your breast reduction will be done under general anesthetic and you should expect to be sore and groggy when you wake from surgery. Remember that you cannot be left alone for at least 24 hours afterwards. This is true with anyone undergoing surgery with general anesthesia. Depending on your surgeon and the extent of your procedures you may have drains placed that may stay in several days. At Columbus's first and only cosmetic surgery recovery retreat, your recovery care will be catered to your individual postoperative instructions.

Expect a fair amount of bruising and swelling after your surgery. In addition, due to prescription pain medication along with significant chest soreness, driving will not be feasible for several days. As our guest, we will take care of all of your recovery needs including transportation to and from your doctor appointments.

Upon arrival to our facility our staff will be waiting to whisk you off to your luxurious accommodations. Each room is specially prepared for our guests. No detail is too small to go unnoticed. We will turn down your bed and position you just right to make you as comfortable as possible after surgery. You will relax with soft music playing in the background while the lights are dimmed and the room's climate is adjusted specifically to your liking. We will bring you a beverage in bed once you get nestled in and then let you rest and relax knowing that we can be available in an instant by the touch of a call button. We will make you as comfortable as possible and want to make your experience one to remember.

At Columbus's Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, our goal is your safe and smooth recovery. We watch carefully for postoperative complications and will contact your Columbus plastic surgeon with any changes or concerns. We also monitor to make sure your pain, nausea and any antibiotic medications are correctly taken and are equipped to do dressing changes and drain care per your surgeon's request. 24-hour pharmacy access enables us to get any additional medications you might need during your stay. We also teach you deep breathing exercises to minimize your risk of postoperative pneumonia and offer leg pumps to minimize the risk of blood clots in your legs and lungs.

As our guest, you will be pampered around-the-clock and will be treated like family by our warm-hearted staff. As a physician, Dr. Andrea Holinga understands the importance of professional recovery and is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to you. You owe it to yourself to enjoy a few days of pampering in a beautiful and relaxing getaway retreat. Just focus on healing and we will do the rest! Located in downtown Columbus, we are close to your plastic surgeon's Delaware, Dublin, Powell, Upper Arlington, New Albany and Hilliard offices. Contact us today online or by phone @ 614-580-9395 today to find out how you could benefit from professional recovery care at Columbus's first and only recovery retreat!

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