Continuous Pampering & Relaxing Spa Services

Continuous Pampering Upon entering your suite, you will find your plush comforter turned down, the lights dimmed, and soft spa music playing in the background. We will help you get settled into bed where you will find incredibly soft sheets and numerous fluffy pillows all around for optimal positioning comfort. Once you are settled we will adjust your room's climate to your preference. You will then be offered a movie, along with a snack and beverage. After all your needs have been met you will be left to rest in private knowing that we can be at your bedside in a moment's notice. We will check on you quietly at regular intervals to assure your needs are met around-the-clock. Numerous studies have shown that decreasing stress hormone levels in patients directly correlates to enhanced healing. At Columbus's Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites we are dedicated to providing an atmosphere that promotes total mind and body relaxation. Our goal is to get you back to your normal routine quickly, while luxurious accommodations offer the peace of mind and privacy for a recovery unmatched to any other.

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